Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (33% Zinc) IFFCO

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (33% Zinc) IFFCO

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Product Code: Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (33% Zinc) IFFCO
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Product Description

Zinc Sulphate (33% Zinc) - 5 Kg

Brand Name – Zinc Sulphate  (33% Zn)

Zinc (as Zn) % by weight minimum    - 33

Sulphate Sulphur (as S) % weight minimum    - 15

Packing size-5 Kg

Product quality:

  • Zinc sulphate monohydrate contain-33% Zinc and 15% Sulphur.
  • It can be used as basal application and as foliar spray also.
  • Valid and farmers affordable/friendly price.


• Useful for all crops i.e. Cereals / Legumes / Vegetables / Fruits / Vegetables etc.
•  It increases production as well quality of the crop produce.
•  In addition to Zinc , it also increased availability  of Sulphur to the crops.

 Uses and doses:

  • Basal application :

–     Either through broadcasting at the time of sowing or

–     By top dressing up to 45 days in standing crop.

–     Depending upon crop, soil etc,  8-10 Kg of  ZnSO4 (33% Zn) required /Acre.

  • Foliar sprays :

–     One can use 2- 3 gm ZnSO4.H2O (33%) + 2.5 gm lime (or 10 gm Urea) per litre of water assuming that 500 litres of water is required for 1 ha.

–     As per requirement spray cen be repeated at 8-10 days interval.


Note : Information is suggestive only, please prefer crop wise state recommendations as well soil test reports.

Imported, Packed and Marketed by: IFFCO

Sold by : IFFCO eBazar Ltd

Country of Origin- India

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