Boron (14.5 % B) 1 kg IFFCO

Boron (14.5 % B) 1 kg IFFCO

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Product Description

Boron (Disodium Tetra Borate Penta Hydrate)- 1 Kg

Product quality:

  • It is in powder form, has 14.5% Boron.
  • It is suitable for soil application.
  • Valid and farmers affordable/friendly price.


  • Useful for all crops i.e. Cereals / Legumes / Vegetables / Fruits / Vegetables etc.
  • It improves the flowering, fruit / seed setting as well fruit retention.
  • Application of Boron also enhances the absorption of Calcium in plants.
  • It also enhance the quality as well quantity of the crop produce.

Uses and doses:

  • It can be used as soil application with farm yard manure/compost as a base fertilizer.

    • @ 4-6 Kg per acre in Loamy and heavy soils

    • @ 2-4 Kg per acre in sandy / light soils

  • In fruit trees, give 10-100 grams of boron (14.5%) per tree, according to the growth and recommendations of the state.

Note : Information is suggestive only, please prefer crop wise state recommendations.

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