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About Us

About Us

सुबीजम् सुक्षेत्रे जायते संप्रद्यते। "Subeejam Shukshetre Jaayate Sampradayte" means good seed in a good field produces abundantly. However, even after over 60 Years of launching green revolution in India seed replacement rate is an average 40% with immense variation crop wise and state wise adoption in India. Adoption of other technology including IPNM and or farm mechanisation is even lower. Sustaining everlasting green revolution is all about bridging the gap between innovation at labs and technologies adoption by farmers. We at FARMISTO strive to provide equitable opportunities for awareness and technology adoption to all Farmers through this One Stop mobile App of all agri-input products and support companies in promoting their technologies through web-enabled agri-extension for and social media platforms.



Our Pride – Our Profession Feeds the Nation

Our Vision – To reinstall the pride in Farming and help regaining the status of revered profession

Join the Chorus #FarmersFirst #OurProfessionFeedsTheNation #EverGreenRevolution


Winding up the training session in one remote village in Munger, a farmer shyly accosted the founder with his folded hands. Pointing to his young son standing beside him, he said "Sir, my son is a graduate, can he get a peons job in your office”. The incident left him wondering….!!

उत्तम खेती, मध्यम बान,

निकृष्ट चाकरी, भीख निदान।

Once A famous maxim depicting the status of farming in the professional ladder, Agriculture coming down to 3rd and Chakri becoming the choicest profession today. So much so that, the rich farmer today aspires an assured monthly income from a menial job.

Let's bring back the lost glory and make the farmer proud again..!! 

#Life of an Extension Worker

Where will I get it? The common question our founder faced after the end of every farmers training session, be it remote village of Betul, Kalahandi, Dhemaji, Aizawl, or any other place in the 26 states he worked. Visiting the agri-input shops in these places, he often wondered, why the benefits of Green Revolutions remained limited to few places in India?

Not any more..!!              With a vision to make technology accessible to farmers in remote corners of the country, and help farmers discover the solutions to all his farming needs, he laid the foundation of FARMISTO

Come demystify buying anything your farm needs on your mobile...

Helping Farmers Discover solutions to his farming problems

Our Chatbot Mukhiyaji help farmers discover solutions to his various farming problems. Through video calls at farmers convenience away from the crowded market place, our experts guide him personally on all his farming needs and provides suitable recommendation exclusively in his mother tongue. We follow up with suitable links via messaging apps enhance his purchases experience and regularly keep track of his progress and provide subsequent diagnostic and advisory services.

This start-up is founded and supported by Aggies BHU Alumni